joe's Blue Plate Special, the best of unsigned and independent music, clocked in last year as the most syndicated show on the college airwaves, with confirmed airplay on over 200 college stations and an estimated 2 million people listening weekly. joes Blue Plate Special is a pre-produced, DJ-hosted weekly show containing 10 tracks from the best unknown, independent acts from around the world. In addition, each week joes Blue Plate Special features a revealing interview and exclusive music from well known artists such as Radiohead, the White Stripes, At The Drive-In, The Flaming Lips, Mogwai, Public Enemy, Guided By Voices, Pavement, and Rancid. Click here for a full list of joe's lead bands.

joe's Blue Plate Special is presented by joe's production & grille, inc., a cutting-edge music company located in Boulder, CO, dedicated to serving the independent music community. In addition to producing joes Blue Plate Special, the company also brokers CD audio and CD-ROM manufacturing, distributes and sells independent CDs direct to the public on its website,, produces music videos and provides additional services for musicians. Coming soon: joe's will be debuting an electronic music-only radio show featuring some of the biggest names in trance, house, drum n bass, garage and all those other types of music spun on those little turning wax discs, including the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Moby.

2003 Joe's Blue Plate Special